New looks

May 01, 2013
Michala Todd Official website

It's Springtime - and something's in the air!!!

It's the hint of something new, something fresh and something alive!!

What you're sensing is the launch of the NEW Michala Todd website!!!

The address is the same - the look is very different!!

The teenage pop sensation is now unveiling a new look and a new sound, and she turns the corner on adulthood, and comes into her own.

Check back often - there's an exciting season ahead.

The wait is nearly over!

Apr 30, 2013

Hey everybody - just wanted to be the first to let you know that the wait is nearly over!!

We know you've been suffering from withdrawal symptoms, waiting on the next super sounding single from Miss Todd, but on May 9th Michala's new song "Trance" will be released on itunes worldwide for fans to consume at will. What can you expect to hear?? Well - let's just say you'll be safer if there's a dance floor under your feet while you're listening. Be careful if you're driving…you're speedometer may go into a "Trance".

International DARE convention

Apr 29, 2013
International DARE convention 16 July 2013

Michala has been asked for the third consecutive year to perform at the International DARE convention - this year being held in Cincinnati, OH on July 16. She's wowed audiences the last two years in Nashville and Atlanta, and this year will be no different we're sure. Amongst some acoustic numbers, audience members will be treated to the live debut of her new single, "Trance".

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